Question: Does PetSmart Honor Expired Coupons?

Does PetSmart accept expired coupons?


All coupons presented must have an expiration date.

Does Petco honor expired coupons?

Petco. While Petco’s policy states they don’t accept expired coupons, a lot of stores will still take them. They almost never accept expired manufacturer coupons, but may accept store coupons like “$5.00 off a purchase of $25.00 or more.”

Does Arby’s accept expired coupons?

Arby’s. If you’re craving a Beef ‘N Cheddar on the cheap and can only find an expired coupon in your junk drawer, no worries as they’ll more than likely still accept it.

Does target honor expired coupons?

Target does not accept expired coupons.

Does Culvers take expired coupons?

So who else accepts expired coupons? I know Cub Foods accepts expired manufacturers’ coupons up to 90 days past the expiration date. Bed, Bath & Beyond accepts their own expired coupons indefinitely, but you have to listen to a gentle reminder to “please try to use them before they expire” each time you use one.